Curanderismo, the Healing Art of Mexico

In the Americas, for hundreds of years, indigenous spiritual and healing wisdom traditions have been passed on from teacher to apprentice through the oral tradition until now. Today many of Elders believe that these traditions should be shared openly in order to help restore humanity’s right relationship with one another as well as with our Relations in nature. By showing respect and care for  Mother Earth, and our Plant and Animal relations and honoring the sanctity of Water, Air, Fire and Earth, they may in turn become our allies in healing and offer the blessing of their healing power so that we are restored to a state of harmony and balance. For many of us it is a return to the wisdom of our Ancestors.

In keeping with Curanderismo's holistic approach to maintaining good health, I encourage the integration of traditional healing practices with today's conventional medical interventions.  

May your inner sun always shine brightly,

Griselda (Grace) Alvarez Sesma

UPDATED  March 17, 2014

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